Wednesday April 16th, Happy Easter!

Faberge Big Egg Hunt in NY,
LEFT: Kate Moss Easter Egg Sculpture by Bruce Weber
RIGHT: Easter Egg by Faig Ahmed

Friday April 11th, Anders Haal Q+A

Grit's series of Q+A with up and coming designers (scroll down to read about 22/4 by Stephanie Hahn and Lina Michal) continues with the womenswear designer hailing from Sweden - Anders Haal. Anders debut collection SS14 was inspired by surfers and hackers, interestingly enough we were first introduced to Ander's world through tumblr.

Where did you study?

I went to study at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm and before that I studied art and lived in Berlin for a while.

Your debut collection (SS14) was inspired by surfers and hackers. Why hackers and why combining surfers and hackers?

It was an idea of a collage. Hacking is more of a coding mind set or an attitude. A healthy approach to life. With the classic surfer dude thing, I thought was a nice way to work with something active and not so precious. In that sense this project is about lifestyle. I was really tired and frustrated of what was going on in the market, since everything has been extremely streamlined for a long time.

Who’s the Haal woman?

Comfortable. Carefree. Unlimited, but still very specific sometimes. I guess I design for people who understand they are free to be who ever they please. Its not my job to fit them into my categories.

You used to work for Ann-Sofie Back Atelje for several years. What made you go solo?

I knew I wanted to do it when I couldn't find anyone I wanted to work for, only with a few exceptions. but actually the idea of doing my own was there from the beginning. As of this summer, I've had the opportunity to work full time on the project and now I have set up a studio.

In addition to designing clothes, you also design eyewear. Any particular reason why eyewear and not shoes or bags?

For me the products together create a story, and you fill in the gaps yourself. The way I put together a leather trenchcoat with a peace sign towel and a pair of aviators. Sunnies are always fun because you work with a face, an identity. Not so much, just a product. The collection and range will grow each season and will eventually tell new stories.

What’s next for Haal?

Well, my ideas and visions about the project are developing all the time, but my ambition is to grow and develop new product groups. And I want to continue working with people I like and that feel relevant for HAAL. Next season will be a bigger step in the same direction.

Tuesday April 8th, Winter Vandenbrink's special Grit project "Go See Tuesday"

The series "Go See Tuesday" features 5 new faces from different London agencies shot by the Grit regular Photographer Winter Vandenbrink, scroll down to see which boys popped in to see Winter.

Tim Sprague @Nevs

Josh Wicks @Models1

Diego Moncada @Established

Jake Love @Select

Oliver Cookson @AMCK

Grooming by:
Maria Papadopoulou/Mac Pro

visit Grit's tumblr page to see black and white portraits of Diego, Jake, Josh, Oliver and Tim

Monday April 7th, Preview of Winter Vandenbrink's special Grit project "Go See Tuesday"

Oliver Cookson @AMCK models
Grooming by:
Maria Papadopoulou/Mac Pro

the series features 5 models from different London agencies, the whole series will be up online tomorrow

Friday April 1st, Martin Creed exhibition at Hayward Gallery

Martin Creed exhibition at Hayward Gallery, now extended, until May 5

Tuesday April 1st, Hedonism and Minimale Animale SS14"Point Dume" lookbook

LEFT: the Angel gone bad, Madison Lee (Demi Moore) in Charlie's Angels
RIGHT: Holiday Magazine relaunches, the Creative Director Franck Durand has numbered his first issue 373, picking up where Holiday left off in 1977. The theme for the the issue 373 is "69" an allusion of freedom of that year.

"Jellyfish House" designed by Wiel Arets in Marbella.

Minimale Animale SS14 lookbook, photographed by Henrik Purienne

Friday March 28th, Behind the Scenes of Grit Summer 14 issue shoot

Grit Summer 14 issue will be out soon, here's a behind-the-scenes pic from one of our shoots.

Tuesday March 25th, Celine Store in London

Celine Store opened its doors in London on Friday

Wednesday March 19th, Leigh Ledare exhibition

LEFT: Leigh Ledare "Pretend You're Actually Alive" series, 2008
RIGHT: Leigh Ledare "Double Blind" series, 2010
The NY based artist Leigh Ledare is probably best known from his series "Pretend You're Actually Alive", a series dealing with his mother's sexuality. The other series of work seen here is from the series called "Double Blind". In this series Mr Ledare photographed his ex-wife in an isolated cabin, then asking her new husband to do the same.

Leigh Ledare exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, 534 W 26th Street, Chelsea NY, Fri 21 March- Sat April 26

Friday March 14th, Under the Skin

Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer

Tuesday March 11th, Hannah Hoch at Whitechapel Gallery

Hannah Hoch (1889 - 1978) was a member of Berlin's Dada movement in 1920's. Known for her collages made from fashion magazines and illustrated journals, her work made humorous and moving commentary on society. Hoch questioned conventional concepts of relationships, beauty and the making of art. Her collages explore the concept of the "New Woman" in Germany following the World War I.

LEFT: Hannah Hoch "Ohne Titel"
RIGHT: Hannah Hoch "Ohne Titel", 1930

Hannah Hoch "Sea Serpent", 1937

LEFT: Hannah Hoch "The Beautiful Bottom", 1959
RIGHT: Hannah Hoch "The Bride", 1933, from the series "From an Ethnographic Museum". In this series Hoch combines images of female bodies with traditional masks and objects, questioning traditional gender and racial stereotypes.

Hannah Hoch until 23 March at Whitechapel Gallery

Friday March 7th, Misha Hart by Vicki King

top - Co-te, coat - Beyond Retro

dress - Kristina Egle, scarf - Emma J Shipley

LEFT: top - Martina Spetlova, skirt - American Apparel, socks - This Is Uniform
RIGHT: top and skirt - Martina Spetlova

LEFT: dress - Sophie Tohl, top - This Is Uniform
RIGHT: turtle neck - Avelon, top - Kirsty Ward, jacket - Mehle, skirt - This Is Uniform, hat - Borsalino

dress - Hexa by Kuho, shorts - This Is Uniform, scarf - Beyond Retro, socks - Falke

LEFT: turtle neck - Avelon, shorts - Hexa by Kuho, socks - This Is Uniform, trainers - stylists own
RIGHT: top - Hexa by Kuho, tennis dress - Mehle, polo shirt - Le Coq Sportif

Photography: Vicki King
Stylist: Francesca Pinna
Set Design: Libbi King
Make up: Michelle Dacillo using NARS cosmetics
Hair: Satomi Suzuki
Model: Misha Hart @ Viva London
Assistance: Rowan Southern & Dionne Walker


As the autumn/winter 2014 shows come to an end, we’ve seen the likes of Cara and Sam Rollinson clock approximately 276 miles on the catwalk, seen enough fashion vines to last, erm, until September and have mentally curated our autumn wardrobe. But attention turned to beauty, so lets talk the stand out beauty trends to come out of the catwalk…


Long gone are the days of sleek hair, Brazilian blow-dry who? Embrace your inner wild child and lets your locks run free, but remember, you gotta keep it chic though. Look to J.W. Anderson for inspiration where flyways were both graceful and tough. Remember that hair tuck that everybody had a go at? Well, it’s back, sort of. At Iceberg hair was tucked insouciantly behind ears, think cool-skater-girl chic. Marni’s girl took to the catwalk with locks of hair a few drops beyond dewy - almost drenched - but the most perfect incarnation of the post-showery look. Extremists rejoice.

LEFT: JW Anderson AW14, RIGHT: Iceberg AW14

Rouge noir

The classic saviour of the beauty world, the red lip proved it’s timelessness. Always a stand out show in the beauty stakes, Prada and Pat McGrath certainly didn’t disappoint. Some girls came out with light and powdery versions whilst others came out with full on deep red hues. Try a matte cherry lip stain a la AF Vandervorst or look to MaxMara for inspiration where lips were drenched with full-bodied raspberry tones.

LEFT: Prada, RIGHT: AF Vandervorst

Love your liner

It seems the beauty worlds fascination with eyeliner is going to hold on just that little bit longer, we’ve seen every incarnation imaginable; the ubiquitous feline flick gets a welcome update with precise blue sweeps across lids at Kenzo, the rounded off flick at Maxime Simoens, worn-in smudged lines at Topshop and the new way to wear your liner at Anthony Vaccarello with a graphic thin strips above and below the eye set off with extended red flick - attitude optional.

LEFT: Anthony Vaccarello RIGHT: Kenzo

Virgin beauty

Eschewing full-on ‘looks’, virginal beauty was all over the catwalks. From just-bitten lips with hints of pink a la Vanessa Bruno, nude but glossy skin at Isabel Marant and hyper-polished accents at Balmain, virginal beauty was beautifully displayed.

Vanessa Bruno AW14

by Sunil Makan
Follow Sunil on Twitter: @sunileo86

Thursday March 6th, Highlights of Paris Fashion Week, part 2

Miu Miu AW14

Louis Vuitton AW14

Celine AW14

Haider Ackermann AW14

Wednesday March 5th, Richard Hamilton at Tate Modern

Richard Hamilton for the cover of Living Arts Magazine

Richard Hamilton exhibition at Tate Modern, 13 February - 26 May

Friday February 28th, Highlights of Paris Fashion Week

Maison Martin Margiela AW14

Chalayan AW14

Carven AW14

Wednesday February 26th, Toni Halonen for Kenzo

Toni Halonen for Kenzo

Tuesday February 25th, Tessa Edwards AW14

Gold and crystals were a central theme of Tessa's AW14 collection "As Seen On Screen".

Pre show pictures - Olivia Rose
Catwalk photos - Jay Kirton
Images courtesy of PR

Love crystals? Check out Grit's Kyanite issue #12. (Kyanite is a crystal used in crystal healing).

Tuesday February 25th, LA love - Kerry James Marshall

Our LA Love Series continues with the Artist Kerry James Marshall. Kerry James Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in South Central Los Angeles and now lives in Chicago.

LEFT: Blue Water Silver Moon (Mermaid), 1991
RIGHT: Untitled (Painter), 2010

Nude (Spotlight), 2009

Tuesday February 25th, Highlights of Milan Fashion Week Part 2

Marni AW14, LEFT: prints by German artist Magnus Plessen

Missoni AW14; sportswear inspired collection and 70's colour palette.

Monday February 24th, Raf Simons x Fred Perry SS14 collection

Raf Simons X Fred Perry Spring 2014 Collection from Fred Perry on Vimeo.
Film by Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo

Photo courtesy of PR

Friday February 21st, MFW highlights

Moschino AW14

Prada AW14

Tuesday February 18th, LFW highlights continued

Grit cover girls Helena Severin @Viva and Georgia Taylor @IMG at Christopher Kane show

Christopher Kane AW14

Thomas Tait AW14

Simone Rocha AW14

Sunday February 16th, LFW highlights from Friday and Saturday

Drew Henry, Central Saint Martins

Lucas Nascimento AW14

Phoebe English AW14

Friday February 14th, NYFW part 2

Marc Jacobs AW14

Calvin Klein AW14, like The Row and Altuzarra (see Tuesday blogpost), Calvin Klein's AW14 collection was crafty and featured some beautiful knitted pieces.

Thursday February 13th, Q+A with Stephanie Hahn from 22/4
We caught up with the designer Stephanie Hahn behind the label 22/4 before the upcoming Paris Fashion Week. The name of this Dusseldorf based label derives from the mathematical equation 2+2=4 which is an indication of 22/4’s high quality standards.

You design for both men and women, but your label isn’t unisex. In one of your interviews you have mentioned you work on the masculine and feminine common identity. What do you think is the common identity?
First of all thank you for not calling my brand “unisex”! For me and my team it’s the worst and most untrue term related to our work and to the identity and philosophy of 22/4. We don’t work with a unisex pattern system. Our menswear is based on the traditional menswear pattern systems and the same for the women’s - it’s based on the traditional women’s wear pattern systems.
We liberalize the idea of genders in fashion by creating a common identity - a connection of the men’s and the women’s collection. The common identity of 22/4 arises out of the fact that I don’t separate the men’s and women’s collection during the development process. I see and feel them as one collection. For me it’s all part of the same story and based on the same inspiration, the same mood and idea of shapes and silhouettes. I even like to use the same materials for certain men’s and women’s pieces – especially when it comes to the signature pieces I have to admit.

22/4 SS14 men

22/4 SS14 women

You are based in Dusseldorf. How is the fashion industry in Dusseldorf?

To be honest I don’t really know the industry in Düsseldorf. I was always interested in Paris and focused on its industry. I think I probably know better the music scene here and parts of the art scene than the fashion industry in Düsseldorf.

Despite of being based in Germany, you have chosen to show in Paris from all the other fashion weeks. As a relatively new designer how do you try to set yourself apart from the more established labels in Paris?

I try my very best not to be too commercial and allow myself and the brand to grow with every new project and season. I strongly believe in the process of development.

Here in Britain, there’s been discussion about fashion design education and how difficult it is to find great pattern cutters these days since everyone wants to make their own label/become a star designer. What are your thoughts on this as a German designer?

Well, it’s generally no disadvantage to know the techniques of your profession. I benefit a lot from the fact that I know how to do a cut already while sketching my ideas. And I personally really appreciate discussing technical details with my team during the development process of a piece. We work on ideas and new techniques together and see how we can always stretch the technical boundaries a bit more. I just think that we all should take care that we keep in mind that fashion is beside of anything else based on a technical structure and system. It’s not that bad to know the system before you start to break it into pieces.

For the AW14 collection you used faux fur for the first time. Any other materials you’re keen on experimenting with?

Let’s see. Choosing the fabrics is a very intuitive and emotional process so I never really know what might attract me next. But I generally like to experiment with fabrics and to put them into another often unexpected context.

LEFT: 22/4 AW14 men, RIGHT: 22/4 AW14 women

Recently we’ve been asking the designers we interview which one would they be happier to share with people - sketchbook or diary. Why?
Except with my team and the people I choose to work with, I don’t feel a need to share my sketchbook with anyone. And I don’t keep a diary - for me my collections are my diaries and them I do share with everyone interested in 22/4.

What can we expect from 22/4 in the future? Any special projects coming up?

More of 22/4, for me every collection is already another special project as it’s never just about garments.

22/4 SS14 campaign photographed by Stefan Milev

Tuesday February 11th, Cléa Vincent - Retiens mon désir
This track by Cléa Vincent is an instant moodlifter.

Tuesday February 11th, Artisanal bliss in NYFW

We wanted to pay homage to all the amazing artisanal expertise we've seen in NYFW over the past few days. Crafty and modern luxury hand in hand.
LEFT: woven tapestry at Altuzarra AW14
RIGHT: hand knit cashmere skirts The Row AW14

Sunday February 9th, Kenzo SS14 campaign film by TOILETPAPER

Photography Pierpaolo Ferrari
Animation Thomas Traum

Friday February 7th, 3.1 Phillip Lim SS14 campaign film

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2014 from 3.1 Phillip Lim on Vimeo.

Thursday February 6th, Spring 14 Utility Clothing

Like the title of our "Spring 14" issue "Metier" suggest; sporty reinterpreted utility clothing is hot this spring. We selected some of the best dungaree/overall looks from SS14 catwalks.

LEFT: Vanessa Bruno SS14, RIGHT: Rag&Bone SS14

LEFT: Givenchy SS14, RIGHT: Topshop Unique SS14

Tuesday February 4th, Q+A with Lina Michal

Congratulations on winning the Muuse x Vogue Talents award. Your collection “Heathen Hearts” takes an inspiration from Swedish ethnic fashion ... What things in particular inspired you in the way people used to dress in the old days in Sweden?

It’s not so much inspired by historic costume as it is inspired by our previous way of life, the culture of having a close spiritual relationship to nature. Less than 100 years ago it was still common knowledge in Sweden that magic beings guarded the trees, waters, meadows - that nature had soul. We have such a long history of animism and that inspired me to give the collection a organic, spontaneous feel to it.

You are currently interning at Opening Ceremony what is your normal day like?

No day is like the other, there is so much going on. On top of my internship I’m also working on a collection under my own name together with Muuse, so the days sure are long. I’m going to Denmark for fittings in the end of the month and it’ll be out in time for the SS15 season, it’s very exciting.

Here at Grit we love Swedish designers/labels such as Acne, Ann-Sofie Back and Sandra Backlund and yet we think there should be more Swedish designers who are recognised worldwide. What do you think is the biggest obstacles for Swedish designers to make it big?

Well, like with everything else it’s a matter of money. Sweden is a very small market and there’s not enough room for a lot of companies to take part in it. It becomes essential to get international stores to stock your designs, maybe we’re not very good at selling ourselves?

If you were not a designer what would you be doing?

I’d probably be a gardener.

Which one would you be less likely to share with other people your diary or sketchbook? Why?

My diary for sure, haha! I think it’s important to be able to share your sketchbook, to have the guts to show people your work before it is finished and perfected. There is so much you can learn from letting go of things, sharing even the stuff that is still just a thought in your head or a sketch on paper. It helps you develop and see new angles to your work that you never would have noticed out on your own.

Since you’re currently in NY - Mermaid parade or Chinese Lunar New Year parade? Why?

I was actually out of town for both of these events. Get back to me next year and I’ll have an answer for you! But celebration, regardless of reason, is always nice.

Friday January 31st, Hunter Boots SS14 campaign

Hunter Boots SS14 campaign shot by Viviane Sassen

Thursday January 30th, Interview with the design duo Marques Almeida in 2011
Tuesday 26th July 2011 Q+A with Marques Almeida

The Portuguese duo Marques Almeida's graduate collection was one of our favourites graduate collections this year. Despite of being recent graduates, the future is looking bright for them - they are showing their SS12 collection in Fashion East in September.

As seen in our Wild Palms Pre AW11 issue, Marques Almeida's reworked denim pieces from their graduate collection are worn by the amazing Melodie Monrose (Premier) and styled by Larissa de Filippo. We interviewed Marta, the other half behind the label to find out a bit more how they work as a duo and what inspires them in denim.

Who is Marques Almeida girl?

The cool girl around the corner that feels identified with this
attitude we talk about through our clothes.

How do you work as a duo? How do you differ from each other?

We work very closely together and we differ a lot from each other and
that's the good part. We gradually found out, after all these years
working side by side, our individual strengths and skills. We work on
the creative part completely together in a very instinctive way but
then there are specifics stages where one of us is more active and
vice versa.

Your graduate collection was a denim collection. Why did you choose
to work on denim?

The denim came from our research, centered around the early to mid
nineties street syle references that we then reworked. Denim was the
iconic reference that we were faced with over and over and we wanted
to focus on it as part of this "youth code". Also, it's interesting and
exciting to be working with a material with so much possibilities in
itself and uncommon in the high end market.

You've been chosen as one of the designers to show in the Fashion
East in September which is an amazing stepping stone for any new designer.
What are your thoughts on this?

We are beyond excited,really.We are very aware of the opportunity and
we're so glad we get a chance to keep doing what we do with the
amazing support of the Fashion East team!

How does the Portuguese fashion differ from English? Would you say
there's any Portuguese references in your work?

It is very different and we're glad we got both training in Portugal
and the UK because it made us develop totally different skills.It's
hard to analyse its differences because the context is too different.
We wouldn't say there are any Portuguese aesthethic references in our
work. Although we believe that what we do is obviously strongly
connected to what we are and that comes so much from growing and
studying in a country as Portugal and it's big connection to the
textile industry, as it comes from the amazing skills and creative
development we were able to achieve by moving to London and having the
training we had here.

What are you listening in the studio right now?

A 90's playlist.

Thursday January 30th, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pre Fall 14

Wednesday January 29th, Lanvin SS14 campaign film

Director: Gordon von Steiner, Photographer: Steven Meisel

Tuesday January 28th, Oscar Murillo at The Mistake Room
The Colombian born and London based artist Oscar Murillo's exhibition "Distribution Center" opened at The Mistake Room, a new non profit art space, on January 18th. Murillo's exhibition is first on the line - the co-founder of the space, Cesar Garcia plans on bringing more up and coming international artists to exhibit in this gallery place in Downtown industrial district. For his first solo exhibition in US called "Distribution Centre", Oscar Murillo created objects and installation together with a team of local day laborers and Tjiuana-based construction and carpentry workers.

Oscar Murillo's exhibition "Distribution Center" at The Mistake Room until April 12th.

Friday January 24th, A.P.C. SS14 campaign

A.P.C. SS14 campaign by Walter Pfeiffer

Thursday January 23rd, Proenza Schouler SS14 campaign film

Directed by David Sims

Wednesday January 22nd, Another LA Love - Artist Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor, See Alice Jump, 2011

Henry Taylor, Walking with Vito, 2008

Henry Taylor, She Mixed, 2008

Tuesday January 21st, Men's AW14

Bottega Veneta AW14

Calvin Klein AW14

Dries Van Noten AW14

Gucci AW14

Lanvin AW14

Louis Vuitton AW14

Kenzo AW14

Shaun Samson AW14

Acne AW14

Sunday January 19th, Michael Lentz, Study of Human Flesh

Michael Lentz, Study of Human Flesh, 2010


The much anticipated Raf Simons and Sterling Ruby collaboration was revealed on Wednesday evening. However, this wasn't the first time when they have collaborated - in 2008 Ruby designed the interior for Simons' Tokyo store. The LA based artist Ruby works in a variety of media such as ceramics, painting and collage and lists sources such as aberrant psychologies (schizophrenia and paranoia), urban gangs and graffiti, hip-hop culture, craft, punk, masculinity, violence, public art, prisons, globalization, American domination and decline, waste and consumption to be his main influences.

Sterling Ruby, SP108,2010

Sterling Ruby, SP178, 2011

LEFT: Sterling Ruby, SUPERMAX, 2008, installation view, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
RIGHT:Sterling Ruby, Basin Theology/Talwin+Ritalin, 2013

Raf Simons AW14

Tuesday January 14th, PRE-FALL IN LOVE
Everyone knows that fashion people don’t really like spring/summer. We like black, dark glasses and looking indifferent, which in turn means that we simply adore the darker seasons. That may explain why the recent pre-fall collections have been coming thick and fast since the end of last year. Pre-fall unlike its cousin resort, isn’t about moneyed individuals holidaying in the Maldives, it is indeed the fashion lover’s season. Pre-fall season or as some would refer to it - early autumn, is when summer becomes a mere memory and wrapping up isn’t yet a concern – it’s about style, cropped shapes, surprising colour, leather. Pre-fall is chic and this season it also felt new.

The focus of many designers appeared to be wearability, no one likes the word practical – it’s dull, but wearable is perfect. Proenza Schouler demonstrated wearable yet fashionable clothing faultlessly: wide-legged cropped trousers teamed with shearling lined bomber jackets certainly are not for everyone, but a certain type of woman could certainly make it work, whilst browsing South Molton Street. Alber Elbaz at Lanvin reinvented his signature party dresses by pairing them with flat masculine ankle boots, making them all of a sudden utterly modern and even more appealing.

Proenza Schouler Pre Fall 14

Lanvin Pre Fall 14

Clean lines and graphic prints led the way in the shape of pattern. Stripes - vertical and horizontal had no overtones of contrived nautical connotations, but simply screamed fresh sophistication – Chloe, Altuzarra and Fendi were especially bold and stylish. Without a doubt Joseph Altuzarra’s entire collection was one women would dream of wearing for the whole pre-fall season.

LEFT: Chloe Pre Fall 14
RIGHT: Altuzarra Pre Fall 14

LEFT: Fendi Pre Fall 14
RIGHT: Erdem Pre Fall 14
Subtle sexuality was also touched upon with a handful of collections experimenting with something a little more risqué. Burberry had thigh high slits and lace in the eveningwear section, whilst Erdem and Donna Karan had elements of startlingly sheer fabric. So while most of the world countdown to the summer months and dream about endless days in the park, the fashion obsessed simply pass over summer with little excitement and embrace the thought of chilly autumnal air so that bare legs, directional ankle boots and graphic stripes can take centre stage. Pre-fall we love you!

by Adjoa Gharban
Follow Adjoa on Twitter: @Adjyg

Monday January 13th, Grit cover girl Helena Severin in Prada

LEFT: Grit Summer 13 Issue cover girl walks for Prada yesterday
RIGHT: Helena by Nicole Maria Winkler, check out rest of the story in our issues section - Negative Space, Summer 13

Friday January 10th, Issey Miyake campaign film by Lisa Paclet

Alma Durand and Lis Inger in Issey Miyake S/S14 campaign film by Lisa Paclet

Friday January 10th, Chloe S/S14 campaign film by Ineez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Julia Stegner and Lou Doillon appear in the Chloe S/S14 campaign films - "Why Don't We?" and "What Are You Waiting For?"

Friday January 10th, Alexander Wang S/S14 campaign

Anna Ewers by Steven Klein in Alexander Wang S/S14 campaign

Wednesday January 8th, Celine S/S14 campaign

Julia Nobis, photographed by Juergen Teller

Tuesday January 7th, How the show should be done - Topman AW14

We love the gorgeous knitwear the Grit boys Jeroen Smits@Elite and Laurie@Supa are wearing.

LEFT: Grit boy Jack Chambers@Elite also in Topman AW14 show

photos courtesy of Topman

Tuesday January 7th, Missoni SS14 Campaign film by Viviane Sassen

Friday December 20th, Acne Studios LA Store

Acne Studios opens their LA store in one of our favourite buildings; Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown LA

Tuesday December 17th, Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14
Photography - Juergen Teller
Model - Maria Palm @Trump

Sunday December 15th, Ana Mendieta

LEFT: Body Tracks (1974), RIGHT: Anima, Silueta de Cohetes (1976)
Ana Mendieta "Traces" exhibition at the Hayward Gallery Southbank Centre

Friday December 13th, Tristan Pigott's paintings

Tristan Pigott "Easy Reading"

Tristan Pigott "Urban Neurosis"

Tristan Pigott "Dirty Table"

Friday December 13th, Givenchy SS14 campaign

Photography: Mert&Marcus

Tuesday December 10th, Kenzo SS14 campaign

Friday December 6th, Reba by Eloise Parry

Photography - Eloise Parry
Styling - Elisa Voto
Model - Reba

Tuesday December 3rd, Sophia Webster wins the Emerging Accessory Designer Award

Sophia Webster wins the Emerging Accessory Designer Award at British Fashion Awards last night.

Friday November 29th, Jaakko Eino Kalevi "No End"

Jaakko Eino Kalevi "No End", directed by Harley Weir

Tuesday November 26th, Hermes petit h by Studio Toogood

If you're popping into for some shopping at Hermes flagship store (on Bond Street) expect to see the ground floor of the store like you've never seen it before. The brilliant Studio Toogood has teamed up with the Hermes to launch petit h - a creative and poetic new take on the iconic Hermes brand and the interior of the store acts as an antidote to West End slickness.

Image courtesy Studio Toogood

Tuesday November 26th, Agnona AW13

Agnona AW13 campaign, photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Saturday November 23rd, Helena Severin

Grit's Summer 13 issue cover girl Helena Severin @Wiener walked exclusively for Saint Laurent SS14 show.
LEFT: Helena Severin for Saint Laurent SS14 show
RIGHT: Helena Severin photographed by Nicole Maria Winkler and styled by Felix Leblhuber for the Summer 13 issue "Negative Space", Helena wears a top by Bradaric Ohmae

Friday November 22nd, Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche, starring: Léa Seydoux, Adèle Exarchopoulos

Wednesday November 20th, Long Live The Queen, Winter 13

Georgia Taylor @IMG
Photography: Niclas Heikkinen
Styling: Grace Joel
Hair: Sarah Jo Palmer
Make up: Mai Kodama using MAC

Friday November 15th, Facing the Modern : The Portrait in Vienna 1900

LEFT: Egon Schiele, The Family (Self Portrait), 1918
RIGHT: Gustav Klimt, Portrait of Hermine Gallia, 1904
Facing the Modern : The Portrait in Vienna 1900 at the National Gallery until 12 January 2014

Tuesday November 12th, Dior SS14 lookbook

Photographed by Karim Sadli

Friday November 8th, Sarah Lucas exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery

Sarah Lucas Exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery until 15 December 2013.
LEFT: Pauline Bunny, 1997
RIGHT: Self Portrait with Fried Eggs, 1996

Tuesday November 5th, Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern

Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern until 9 March 2014.
Left: Flower Myth 1918, Right: Senecio 1922

Friday November 1st, Aspesi AW13 campaign

Ondia Hardin and Stella Tennant in Aspesi AW13 campaign photographed by Paolo Roversi

Tuesday October 29th, Archie and Dixon

LEFT: utility belt (worn as backpack) and hat- Beyond Retro
RIGHT: top, glove and tracksuit top - Cottweiler

LEFT: shorts - Cottweiler
RIGHT: top and shorts - Cottweiler , trousers - AVA Catherside

LEFT: trousers, vest and bomber jackets - Millie Cockton
RIGHT: top - Beyond Retro

LEFT: hat - Cottweiler
RIGHT: tracksuit - Cottweiler, tunic - AVA Catherside, socks - Slazenger, trainers - Nike, skull cap - Nike

LEFT: tracksuit bottom and gloves - Cottweiler
RIGHT: tracksuit bottom and gloves - Cottweiler

LEFT: hat - Beyond Retro, gloves, jumper, sweat pants - Cottweiler, socks - Slazenger, trainers-Nike
RIGHT: Dixon wears a tracksuit top, bottoms and gloves - Cottweiler, socks - Slazenger, sandals - Everlast, Archie wears a skull cap - Nike, coat & trousers - AVA Catherside, t-shirt - Drewski by Heeny, socks - Slazenger, sandals - Everlast

LEFT: short kilt and trousers - Millie Cockton, utility belt (worn as backpack) and hat-Beyond Retro
RIGHT: t-shirt- Drewski by Heeny, skull cap - Nike

Photography:Winter Vandenbrink
Styling: Isabella Kavanagh
Make-up artist: Maria Papadopoulou using mac pro
Hair artist: Atsushi Takita using Bumble and Bumble
Models: Archie/Select, Dixon/Models1

Friday October 25th, Prada Oasis

Prada Marfa installation is in danger of being removed, however, at the same time Prada Oasis and Damien Hirst's Pharmacy Juice Bar popped up in Qatar earlier this month.

Tuesday October 22th, Prada Marfa - art or advertising?

The installation "Prada Marfa" in Texas (not open for business at all) is being in danger of being removed. The Texas Department of Transportation is claiming it to be outdoor advertising for the luxury brand.

Friday October 18th, Frieze Art Fair
Frieze Art Fair 17th-20th October, Regent's Park

Frieze Art Fair from Frieze London on Vimeo.

Tuesday October 15th, Anders Hayward and Laurie Harding

RIGHT: jumpsuit - Adidas, shirt - Kit Neale, jumper worn as a belt - Patagonia, shorts - Cottweiler, socks - American Apparel, sandals - Cottweiler, mask - Joe Cummnis

LEFT: jacket - Adidas, necklace - Alexander Bishon Rowland
RIGHT: shorts - Cottweiler, socks - American Apparel, sandals - Cottweiler

LEFT: vest - Joe Cummnis, jumper - Patagonia, trousers - Adidas, socks - American Apparel, sandals - Cottweiler
RIGHT: sweater - Joe Cummnis, vest - Ava Catherside

LEFT: tshirt - American Apparel
RIGHT: jacket - James Long, trousers - Christian Lacroix, socks - American Apparel, sandals - Cottweiler

LEFT: jumpsuit - Adidas, shirt - Kit Neale, mask - Joe Cummnis
RIGHT: shorts - Patagonia, trousers - Adidas

LEFT: jacket - Adidas, jumper - Ava Catherside
RIGHT: mask - Joe Cummnis, trousers - Ava Catherside

jumper - Cottweiler, trousers - Christian Lacroix, socks - American Apparel, sandals - Cottweiler

Photography - Harry Carr
Styling - Elisa Voto
Grooming by Oskar Pera @ Caren
Photographic assistance: Patrick Hill
Stylist assistance: Alberto Albanese
Models: Laurie Harding & Anders Hayward @ Supa