Jester White & Pablo Otero

Photography&Art Direction: Niclas Heikkinen
Styling: Larissa De Filippo & Jana M
Hair: Michael Jones
Make Up: Nami Yoshida @ Book Agency
Models: Jester White @ Select, Pablo Otero @ Next
collage by James Richards, Jester wears Cottweiler, Kit Neale, Atsuko Kudo, Topman Design
LEFT: Pablo wear a latex vest by Atsuko Kudo, jumper - Topman Design. RIGHT: Jester wears latex shorts and tracksuit bottoms by Cottweiler, sweater - Richard William Green
sweater - Kit Neale, trousers - Baartmans and Siegel, jacket & trainers - Topman Design
LEFT: Pablo wears a see through top and cycling shorts - Topman Design, shorts and flip flops - Cottweiler, RIGHT: top - Kim West archives, jacket - Kit Neale
LEFT: top - Kit Neale, shorts - Baartmans and Siegel, RIGHT: latex vest&tracksuit bottoms - Cottweiler
cap & fingerless gloves - Cottweiler, latex body - Astuko Kudo, mesh shirt - Topman Design
LEFT: latex cape with a hood - Richard William Green, shirt - Ksubi, shorts - Topman Design, RIGHT: t-shirt - Ksubi, shirts with dots - Richard William Green
latex body - Atsuko Kudo, tracksuit bottoms - Cottweiler